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Britney Spears is pregnant again for the third time

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Report by Maryarn

Could Britney Spears genuinely be pregnant once more and for the third time? Britney Spears is 4 weeks pregnant with her 3rd kid. And no, fortunately the infant daddy is not the perpetually unemployed Kevin Federline.

This could be the shocker of ’09 – is Britney Spears pregnant with baby quantity 3. Ryan Seacrest talked about it on his KIIS FM radio present on Wednesday, claiming he heard the news from “a reliable supply.” Britney Spears’ camp is squashing the latest round of rumors that the star is pregnant – ones circulated by Ryan Seacrest of all men and women on his radio display. Seacrest posted a concept (on Twitter, natch) earlier in the day declaring, “I heard a rumor about Brit that I want to investigate ahead of I give far more deets!!” Britney Spears spokesman Adam Leber released a statement denying it.”She’s definitely not pregnant,” Leber explained “I have no concept where this ridiculous rumor came from… Ryan Seacrest has communication with our camp and could have checked this ahead of declaring it.”With the sum of sex Britney Spears supposedly has according to celebrity gossip magazines – Chase Benz, K-Fed, etc. – it’s only a matter of time just before she ends up carrying baby #three. Even so, these tales may well be a tad erroneous.

Soon after all, given that she’s not permitted to say a word underneath the conservatorship, and does not know wherever she is half the time anyway, scheduling in periods of unrequited boning with sundry characters may well pose logistical issues.If Britney Spears is pregnant, who’s the father? Before this alleged pregnancy was introduced, Britney Spears was becoming linked to all varieties of men. There was one of her backing dancers, for instance, along with her tour manager, a member of Excellent Charlotte and her ex-husband Kevin Federline. A resource near to the star told me: “She’s quite angry that it has appear out like this. She’s shocked due to the fact the pregnancy is the last thing she desires proper now.”She had a scan very last month and only informed close close friends the outcome. Even her loved ones have been out of the loop.”Britney had a fling soon after a wild evening out in LA as her bitter divorce battle with K-FED dragged on.

A US magazine noted that her on-off boyfriend JR ROTEM had confirmed the newborn rumours but Britney stated the story was “bull****” and “completely fake”.Contrary to the statement J.R. Rotem released on November 28, In Touch has documented proof that on Monday, November 26, the new music producer did certainly confirm in these text messages that Britney is pregnant and that he is the father. When asked about rumors about Britney’s pregnancy and whether or not he is the father, J.R. texted “It is genuine.” And when questioned about Britney’s intentions with regards to her unborn newborn, he responded, “No clue on what she will do. She is unpredictable.”

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Britney Spears Cologne Most Popular in Fashion Word

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Write-up by mike jhon

In perfume worlds most of the perfume designers are also most well-liked in vogue earth. Britney Jean Spears is a popular American designer and singer who have been born on 2 December 1981 in Kentwood, Louisiana, in USA. Spears currently created 6 odors Curious, Fantasy, In Control, Midnight Fantasy, Feel, and Curious Heart. After much accomplishment with her Britney spears cologne line, Britney Spears is supplying her fans a new consider on one particular of her favored scents. The fragrance will be the exact same, great scent everyone loves. The bottle has the very same multi faceted glass silhouette, but is intended in a shade of pale pink well acknowledged fact that sense of scent has a lot longer lasting reminiscences as compared to identify or deal with of a particular person. People are relishing this simple fact that Britney spears perfume is used as a luxury individual. They just not conceal entire body odor but also maintain you fresh and beautiful complete time. Britney Spears is doing work relentlessly for making distinguishable merchandise. Various signature brands of colognes are produced from 9 scents which are citrus, spice, musk, herbal, wood, powder, fruit, floral and leather. Citrus are the frequent head notes described as fresh, assertive, and sharp. These are the mature Britney spears fragrances responsible for the sweet lingering impression composed of lengthy lasting leathers. Woodsy is the fragrances that are dominated by woody scents, usually of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli resulting in camphoraceous odor scent whereas leather is a loved ones of fragrances which attributes the scents of honey, tobacco, wood and wood tars in its middle or base notes. When men and women getting guys cologne then they have to don’t forget odor smells diverse on each and every skin kind. The first step is to distinguish the males cologne with the Britney spears perfume to verify all the boxes look fairly considerably the identical and often scent the same as nicely. Britney Spears Cologne may well be acquiring a new scent that not a lot of folks have smelled ahead of. Britney Spears perfume products are usually categorized as aroma, eau de odor, and floral for guys products are in powerful smell items and aftershave. Britney Spears Fragrance is accessible in a lot more amount, simply because the globe is entitled for luxurious and peaceful existence to fulfill the requirements of males and females and to meet their demands. They makes men and women cool, refreshing, relaxed and pleasant all over the day and it also comes up with another benefit is that it can be employed for any time for the seasons or situations. Perfumes and Britney spears colognes had been released wherever some are well-known &amp best branded like soft, light, Sharp, aggressive, spicy refreshing, flowery, sexy, romantic &amp oriental floral for guys &amp girls. In the current time scents are fetching a excellent need amongst men and ladies for every day and various time schedules use. She designs best size of bottle, colors of combination for daily use into perfumes sprays, cologne splashes, &amp toilette sprays. Some romantic aromas were intended by Britney Spears those are most common for perfect smells, motive, instances, self emotional pleasure, emotions &amp health supplements. The fragrances are equated with intercourse appeal. A secret is that most of us will almost certainly in no way consider a sip of our preferred odor wherever his information, fragrances, perfume, and cologne support us to select it that floral can indeed trigger human pheromones, which can chemically boost sexual attraction.

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Britney Spears – I’m A Slave 4 U

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Songs video clip by Britney Spears carrying out I’m A Slave four U. (C) 2001 Zomba Recording LLC

Britney Spears Shocking New Music Video

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Report by Robert Muhoho

Britney Spears Shocking New New music Video

Britney spears new music video clip is set to make a shocking appear back again. Right after months of negative publicity surrounding their custody court tussle with estranged previous husband Kevin Federline.

Britney’s’ MTV songs awards preparations

As their lawyers engage in legal feuds in court custodial papers, the former couple Britney spears and Kevin Federline are more concentrated on business. Brits MTV songs awards are approaching and she has been taking time at Alley Kat dance studios in L.A perfecting moves for the function, reported In Touch Weekly. Britney is preparing it to be a large comeback overall performance,” a spears supply has exposed to the magazine, and claims that Brits intention is to generate a “shocking” revelation in the audio video.

Brits’ surprising new new music video

Phrase leaked to the In Touch that the popular magician Criss Angel is component of Britney’s VMA premier display. The magazine reports that some acts have been cancelled out due to their abrasive nature in the early stages of VMA organizing. 1 of the cancelled acts included a dance routine of Britney Spears with ex-fiancés and husbands Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline flashing on the screen in the again.

Incidentally reports of an additional cancellation of a duet among Justin Timberlake and Britney. “Completely, patently untrue,” an insider noted to In Touch.

K-Fed on the “A single Tree Hill” as a Rock Star

Kevin Federline has on his component been reportedly hectic and perfecting on his role as a responsible grownup. He definitely has been recently winning the Mr. Good man praises from episodes of “One particular Tree Hill”, reported the US. “People know a much more bombastic version of him, but he seemed extremely humble and sweet to me-hardworking and properly intentioned,” producer Mark Schwann informed the magazine. Schwann reported that if things function out properly, K-Fed may possibly just be necessary again for a lot more episodes in his position as a rock singer.

K-Fed and Brit Court Case

Back to the courts whilst Brit and Federline seem fairly hectic, the custodial court circumstance looms big. A current filing by Britney spears sought to defer the hearing from Sept eight to permit time for her to I feel get some dirt of Kevin who has not long ago won a lawn or two on the Mr. nice man front. It is claimed that Britney Spears has hired a private investigator to dig up some dirt to aid tear down K-Fed’s good guy picture.

Britney Spears fights again

It is claimed that Britney herself has dirt on Kevin of the 1 tree Hill plenty of to bury him. A resource exposed to the magazine.” She is not heading to jut handover their sons and far more cash to Kevin. She is heading to fight him tooth and nail,”

Britney’s new single “Gimme More”

Britney spears’ new single “Gimme more” has acquired its world premiere on New York radio station Z-100’s website. The song is characteristic of Britney with breathy and electronic dance rhythm. A chip off the block of Britney’s’ new album is set to be out by Nov. 13.

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Britney Spears Tickets-Britney’s Back…On the Cover of Rolling Stone

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Article by Kirby Brooks

Britney Spears is back on the cover of Rolling Stone in a belly-baring t-shirt with a corresponding post in which the pop star is candid about her oh-so-public meltdown. The issue hit stands Thanksgiving week and signaled another action in the correct route for Britney’s return to the top rated. Britney’s new album, Circus, is slated for release on December two, her birthday, and she is certain to cap off her comeback with a tour, so check out for Britney Spears tickets.

Britney has recently returned to her signature shade of blonde, and if tabloids are correct in measuring her sanity based mostly on her hair (brooding when brunette, nuts when bald you get the idea,) then this is one more positive action for Spears. The mother of two has been out of the press lately, picking to shell out her time either behind closed doorways with her household at her Beverly Hills mansion or in the dance or recording studio diligently planning for her new album. This is a welcome adjust from the Spears we noticed previous year who went from rehab to court, engaging in a vicious custody battle with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, and then involuntarily to psychiatric hospitals-twice! In her cover story with Rolling Stone Spears commented on her quiet lifestyle: “I feel like an old man or woman now. I do! I go to bed at, like, 9:30 each night, and I do not go out for anything, you know what I suggest? I just feel like an outdated fart!”

In the interview Spears seems to be a edition of her previous humble, sweet and unassuming self, but the frequent media frenzy has unquestionably hardened the Louisiana native as well. Although she sang about her public picture in her very last hit single “Piece of Me,” which contains the lyrics, “I’m Skip Bad Media Karma/Another day, one more drama,” Spears is reluctant to reveal that much of herself on Circus. The pop star informed Rolling Stone, “It’s scary to place your self out there and be like, ‘Oh, God, is that cool?’ If you’re not heading to really go for it, you cannot just go there halfway. But sometimes, when you go for it, you cannot drop.”

The 1st time Britney Spear graced the cover of the magazine was in 1999, the identical yr that “Child One particular Far more Time” produced her the official teen queen of pop. Clad in skimpy shorts and a bra, the fresh-confronted Spears walked a fine line in between innocence and scandal in the cover shot and interview, in which she discussed her Baptist faith whilst defending her choice to use knee highs and a risqué school girl outfit in her now-well-known video. The subsequent year Spears returned to the cover putting on a leather American-flag ensemble (indeed, her well-known midriff was showing again) to examine how her debut file marketed 9 million copies. In 2002 the quote “Do not treat me like a tiny girl” was emblazoned across Britney’s third cover and that exact same year the trend continued with a much more adult Spears, with noticeably far more cleavage, discussing her potential. Flash-ahead a handful of more addresses and many years later and the magazine chronicled her demise, but thankfully Britney Spears appears to be continuing her ascent again to the top rated, and when you get your Britney Spears tickets you can see for yourself.

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Britney Spears Tickets – Bringing the ‘Circus’ to America

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Article by Jenna Jay

Britney Spears is just about everywhere. It’s an undisputable truth proven far more and more correct with every week that passes, and now it looks that the sugar-coated pop tart has officially made the comeback of a lifetime, taking this week to celebrate her 27th birthday in design by releasing her sixth full-length album with new materials, performing reside on Very good Early morning America, announcing an approaching tour to assist her newest release Circus, appearing in a inform-all MTV documentary entitled “For the Record” and also gracing the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone. With so significantly media attention and so numerous occasions and appearances recently under her belt, America’s pop princess seems to have reclaimed her pop star throne, and this news is most definitely the icing on her birthday cake this week.

The pop vixen’s new release Circus, which dropped December two (Spears’ birthday), has been seriously anticipated ever before since the album’s first single “Womanizer” started off gaining airtime on radio stations nationwide, and the release is positive to spark a lot more flames in the upcoming weeks as news of the vivacious singer’s tour spreads across the nation. The Pussycat Dolls have been confirmed as Spears’ opening act, and the tour is set to take off in March, operating by way of June with scattered performances in the U.K. If you’re anxious to get Britney Spears tickets to witness the comeback queen in concert, get tickets from and start off singing along with Spears’ infectious songs.

Britney Spears may well be on leading of the earth now, but her ups and downs have manufactured her secure new music marketplace domination 1 outstanding rollercoaster. Spears, a mainstay on the pop charts actually since her teenage decades, has endured breakdowns and disappointments in her decade-extended reign, and America has watched anxiously as the Kentwood, Louisiana native has grown up in the spotlight and blossomed into a total-fledged pop new music icon. Spears acquired her commence bopping alongside young talents like Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and JC Chasez in the early ’90s on the Disney Channel’s The New Mickey Mouse Club, and at age 15 the gifted artist started out auditioning for a recording contract, which she effortlessly scored at Jive Records. Harnessing the expanding teen pop songs trend and hammering in a not-so-delicate sex appeal that attracted fans by the millions, Britney Spears created her debut on the music scene in late 1998, clad in a scandalous Catholic college woman outfit while singing, “Hit me newborn a single more time.” The smash single “…Child 1 Much more Time” immediately exploded on the pop scene, thrusting the title Britney Spears to the top of the Billboard charts.

Spears continued dragging the teen pop craze through the ’90s in the forefront of groups like the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, the Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera. The MTV crowd drooled above singles like “Sometimes,” “(You Drive Me) Crazy,” “Lucky” and “Oops!… I Did it Once again,” but as the foxy Ms. Spears sprinted into the new millennium difficulty appeared to be lurking in every single corner. Along with the releases of wildly well-known albums like Britney (2001) and In the Zone (2003), Spears’ public picture rampantly grew more and much more scandalous, her intercourse appeal conquering the innocent school woman photograph she slowly failed to sustain. A extremely publicized and frequently raunchy partnership with backup dancer Kevin Federline resulted in two youngsters, a really public divorce and even much more public meltdown, but despite prolonged custody battles and damaging publicity Spears continued onward with her catchy music, delivering Blackout in 2007. Starting the wave of her reappearance on the new music scene, Britney Spears breezed via 2007 with singles “Gimme More” and “Piece of Me,” the latter demonstrating a glimpse into the daily life of the gossiped-about pop star.

Blackout fueled the fire for Spears’ comeback, and the smash single “Womanizer” and successive public appearances and media protection all developed up to the release of Circus, which dropped this week and is the positive-fire important for Britney Spears to continue reigning about the pop new music marketplace for yet another decade of sugar-coated bliss. Spears’ current announcement of a spring tour has by now propelled Circus into the spotlight, and the album is certain to bring beneficial publicity back again to the pop princess this week. Happy birthday, Britney!

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In the office workin on this Britney Spears album…not bad, but I can’t wait to get home n work on somethin REAL

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

In the office workin on this Britney Spears album…not undesirable, but I can&apost wait to get home n function on somethin True – by NWarrenVibe (Nikara)

Britney Spears – Circus

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Songs video by Britney Spears doing Circus. (C) 2008 Zomba Recording LLC
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

Britney Spears Perfume

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Article by Kev Pine

Pop Star Scents: Britney Spears Perfume

Britney Spears has been the concentrate of media focus for a lot of a long time. Not only is she a successful pop singer, but her escapades in the tabloids have raised far more than a couple of eyebrows. If you are a Britney Spears fan, contemplate acquiring Britney Spears perfume.

Britney Spears has been the middle of media frenzy for many years. Not only is she a thriving pop singer, but her goings on in the tabloids wither intentional or not have raised a lot more than a number of eyebrows about the place. If you’re a Britney Spears fan, believe about buying Britney Spears perfume right now.

Britney Spears Perfume – Fantasy

There are a range of makes of Britney Spears perfume available on the industry, but one of the most current ones is entitled “Fantasy.” This perfume incorporates this kind of components as exotic kiwi, red lychee, golden quince, White Chocolate Orchid, Cupcake Accord, and Jasmine petals.

The Britney Spears perfume is very nicely-liked amongst females of all diverse age groups. Several enthusiasts of this perfume first grew to become grow to be acquainted with it in sample form, as there was a sample of it incorporated in a assortment of flyers for magazines and department merchants.

Followers like the simple fact that although the scent would seem quite sweet when it is 1st applied, it is just sweet enough, and not as well mind-boggling. When numerous men and women were asked to explain a smell that it resembled, most people said that it was related to cotton candy.

Even so, it is this cotton candy scent that some individuals who have attempted Fantasy actually did not like, they stated that while cotton candy is a good smell for preteens, it is not the type of scent that older ladies would put on.

Something that attracts many girls to get Fantasy is the bottle that it arrives in. Fantasy comes in a enhancing pink bottle that has faux crystals all more than it. The decorative appeal of the bottle implies that lengthy following the perfume is used up, the bottle can still be great decoration peace.

Fantasy also had the extra appeal of getting a fragrant Britney Spears perfume that does not cost as considerably funds as other fragrant perfumes do. Hence, income for this perfume have been very good because teenage boys can typically pay for to acquire it as a present for their girlfriends. Also, due to the fact this perfume is not mind-boggling, it is a favourite of those who have a sensitivity to perfume scents.

Fantasy can be discovered in a number of diverse division merchants (most notable Macy’s). It can also be discovered online by way of a assortment of distinct websites, of which the rates will fluctuate in accordance to the size of the bottle you pick. Indeed, Britney Spears perfume is one thing that each Britney fan ought to have.

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RT @TwiBritneyFan: (Video) New GMA Promo – Britney Spears

Monday, April 12th, 2010

RT @TwiBritneyFan: (Video clip) New GMA Promo – Britney Spears – by robstenmaniaT (♥ мιѕѕ ραттιиѕσи ♥)