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Why Britney Spears Shaved Her Head

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Write-up by iEzine

According to various reviews and sources, Britney Spears confided to pals that she shaved her head because her hair was infested with hundreds of egg-laying lice.

Spears manufactured this declare only hours before she checked back again into a rehab clinic in Los Angeles a couple of weeks back.

A perturbed Britney Spears advised pals that she was encountering a unusual itching on her scalp prior to working out of her very first rehab clinic in Antigua. The twenty-5-12 months-aged pop star claimed that the bugs have been producing her unpleasant and upset and she for that reason had no decision but to shave off her hair.

As she left Los Angeles’s Mondrian hotel, Britney Spears repeatedly claimed that she did it to get rid of the lice.

An anonymous resource divulged that Britney Spears considered the head lice have been consuming her hair extensions and for that reason determined to get rid of him in fantastic haste.

Jonathan Long, a celebrity hairdresser who sees many higher-profile consumers in his salon, said Britney Spears’ choice to shave her head may well not be as nuts as it appeared if the lice declare holds accurate. He claimed that it is not possible to run a fine-tooth comb by means of extension hair and the predicament possibly left minor choice but to shave.

Justin Timberlake also jumps to defend his ex-girlfriend. Justin Timberlake claimed that the head-shaving was really a thing of a symbolic act, and he sees it as a way of “commencing over and cleaning…up.” He admires her for “taking a possibility.”

Britney Spears had nearly missed her flight to Miami Global Airport hrs before she lower her hair off. She had allegedly begged airport personnel to let her on a plane upon arriving late, explaining that she had to “get residence to [her] youngsters.” She was apparently really distraught.

A ticket agent determined to consider pity on her and asked the pilot if he would let Spears board the airplane. He agreed. Nonetheless, on arriving again to Los Angeles, her behavior grew increasingly unstable and erratic. After shaving her head bald, she arrived at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Boulevard, on your own and putting on a blue wig.

She was trying to guide a area, but only had a piece of paper carrying a partial credit card quantity. She did look to have any income or credit score cards. A pair of tourists ultimately took her to their place even so, she was later on seen making an attempt to hire a rental vehicle and was turned away. The workers was reportedly stunned to see her in this kind of situation.

Spears has experienced an unusually poor round of bad publicity this yr, her divorce with Kevin Federline and her abortive attempts at rehab clinics becoming the two massive tales.

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George Bush Interview I Wrote Britney Spears Radar and Gimme More

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Post by Karen Fish

George Bush just gave the subsequent interview to Rolling Stone Magazine, due out in the January edition:

Courtney Friel: “Mr. President, thank you so a lot for agreeing to give this unique interview to Rolling Stone Magazine. I hardly know exactly where to start. I do not believe that an active President of the United States has actually hit #1 on the charts just before. Inform us, how did you become involved with Britney Spears’ new chart topping album “Blackout”?”

George Bush: “Thank you Courtney. Allow me just say that that pink top you are wearing is incredibly groovy. I find that when providing interviews like this it’s really important to get into the groove. President Musharraf is really the groovester. We just gave him billion and he utilized it to jail the court. I admire his chutzpah. Truly I have been a big fan of hip hop actually given that I owned the Texas Rangers. One day I was at 3rd base and what seemed like an effortless catch a single hopped right over my glove. I didn’t think it was too hip when Nolan Ryan called me “Butterfingers” so I called him “Curveball”. He thought that I referred to as him “Cueball” and we obtained into really a little scuffle there. Jeb served me out and then he launched me to Britney Spears.”

“In 1994 when Fay Vincent retired I applied to become Commissioner of Baseball. The proprietors turned me down and I made the decision to run for Governor of Texas. Nolan Ryan was on my campaign workers. I defeated Ann Richards who explained that I had no grasp of the concerns and “It’s hard to run against a person who doesn’t have a clue.” Effectively nowadays I am the President of the Free of charge Globe and exactly where is she?”

Courtney Friel: “I think that she died very last year of cancer of the esophagus.”

George Bush: “My level specifically. She’s six feet below and I’m topping the charts. “Gimme Gimme, Gimme more. Gimme Gimme, Gimme far more.” You know Courtney, I’m really obtaining sick of all the insults. President Putin is operating close to telling absolutely everyone that I am a madman running around with a razor and that my objective is to get above the complete planet. Truly that was Dick’s concept and he told me that Iraq would be a gimme. Now he’s telling me that Iran and Pakistan are going to be gimmes. You have to rely on your team Courtney otherwise in which would we be now?”

Courtney Friel: “Mr. President, if you don’t thoughts me asking but what is the accurate identification of the walrus? Several believe that it was Paul. Other folks think that it was Craig Stadler. President Putin is now telling everybody that the lyrics you wrote for Britney Spears song ‘Radar’ from Britney Spears #one album “Blackout” are a veiled reference to your missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic which President Putin is now comparing to the Cuban Misssile Crisis and you are working close to worrying absolutely everyone about Nuclear Globe War III. I’m acquiring my nails carried out up coming Thursday and I was questioning if you wouldn’t brain keeping off until then.”

George Bush: “I’ll consider treatment of it Courtney. No one actually accused me of being the Manicurist in Chief. Britney Spears and the kids and I have been sitting in the studio in the White Residence and Britney wished to contact the song “Raider” about K-Fed raiding her cash and taking her children and all, and I believed that we ought to get in touch with it “Radar” to make sure you our Halliburton and Carlysle close friends so we agreed to compromise the song was known as “Radar” but when Britney sang it she pronounced it “Raider”‘, variety of like “Nucular”, if you know what I indicate. I mean Al Gore says that he won the Presidency, and then he wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Inform me, how does generating a movie about so known as Worldwide Warming qualify a person to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Isn’t it like mixing baseballs and basketballs Courtney? Can you explain it to me?”

Courtney Friel: “I have no clue Mr. President. What did you indicate in ‘Gimme More’ when you wrote ‘Centre of focus, even when you are up versus the wall, You received me in a crazy position, If you’re on a mission, You received my permission, I just cannot control myself, more, they want much more? Effectively I’ll give them more’? Is the United States up against the wall now, are you up versus the wall now, are you talking about the Berlin Wall, the Wonderful Wall of China, the Green Monster?”

George Bush: “Forget the wall Courtney. Don’t worry about the wall. Have you actually heard of Humpty Dumpty. Effectively Britney didn’t genuinely like the ‘Humpty Dumpty’ lyrics, and neither did the twins, so we settled on individuals. The crucial words to concentrate on Courtney are ‘They want much more, Nicely I’ll give them a lot more.” You see Courtney, up until now Britney Spears and I have each been enjoying with our fingers tied behind our backs. Courtney, you have no notion how powerful I genuinely am. Have you heard of the phrase ‘Superpower’? I have so many a hundred megaton nuclear rockets that split into eight in midair, so a lot of biological weapons and chemical weapons of mass destruction that I could blackout the sun from the sky for 1 yr of nuclear winter season, and end lifestyle on earth forever in 30 minutes, all by declaring 1 phrase. I am so effective it is ridiculous. I could consume Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for breakfast Courtney.”

Courtney Friel: “Don’t forget about my nails Mr. President.”

George Bush: “Really don’t feel concerned Courtney, you’re in very good fingers. ‘Gimme Gimme, Gimme more. Gimme Gimme, Gimme More. Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme.”

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britney spears stoned

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

britney stoned, burping and speaking weird lol
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

Britney Spears and Her New Boyfriend

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Report by Angie Ryan

Rumors started in India and the UK, but just ahead of New Yr could set its foot firmly at the door US press confirmed the very same – Britney Spears is dating yet again. And who’s the fortunate man? His identify is Sandip Soparrkar, the choreographer concerned in dance moves for Britney’s most recent video “Womanizer”. Just before choreographing Britney’s video, Sandip taught this kind of pop divas as Madonna, Beyonce and Shakira how to dance. That is probably why they all dance like they’d just eaten gay cookies.

Britney Spears has been beneath mindful observe of the paparazzi and the media, but this time all around she managed to sneak off to India with out anybody noticing. It would seem that the unpredicted pay a visit to to South Asia was in connection to her new video, but a lot of speculate that there is much more than just choreography among the two.

Indian media caught up with the couple and asked about probable romance, but each prevented straight solutions with charm. Britney Spears merely stated that “Sandip is a extremely handsome man” although Sandip took the complete head tease to a entire new level by stating that “I am preparing to do the rumba, which is a dance of love”.

So who specifically is this mysterious Sandip Soparrkar? He has an MBA in Advertising, but it is not his schooling that got him to perform with some of the most popular modern pop singers. Sandip was a model for Phoenix A4 shoes in 1999 and in 2000 went up to symbolize India at the Worldwide Male Model pageant. Prior to that, Sandip Soparrkar won the title of India’s initial Mr. Youthful Turk which was arrived right after he created it to the finals for the Graviera Mr. India contest.

Even though the title of Sandip Soparrkar is only beginning to make its way during western hemisphere – thank you to involvement with Britney Spears – he’s effectively acknowledged in his residence region. For one he’s a effectively respected Bollywood choreographer and locals think about him very hot. That almost certainly consists of the two boys and women.

Indian media declare that Sandip is extremely down to Earth and retains Britney on the leash. He’s very spiritual, which is one particular of really things Britney finds beautiful about him. They’d already spent Christmas jointly and exchanged presents like any other few. Whilst even now in denial in front of media, there looks to be a spark amongst the two that is more than just function. We’ll see what move Daddy Spears who’s been Britney’s conservator and guardian given that her breakdown takes. He place restraining buy on her prior boyfriend and may possibly do the same with Sandip Soparrkar. Except Sandip impresses him with one thing and Daddy Spears unexpectedly approves.

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Britney Spears – Boys

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Songs video by Britney Spears doing Boys. (C) 2001 Zomba Recording LLC

A Quick Look At Britney Spears

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Report by Chris Cornell

The controversial but phenomenal pop icon, Britney Jean Spears, tried to land a spot in the enjoyment enterprise at the age of 8 when she auditioned for the series of Disney Channel titled The New Mickey Mouse Club. However, she was as well youthful at that time so she didn’t make it. Three decades later, she formally grew to become part of The New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993-1994. She also joined Innosense, an all-feminine pop group in 1997. In the same yr, Jive Information signed her soon after a solo demo. Spears’ opening acts for boy bands like Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync gave her additionally publicity.

The release of “…Newborn 1 Far more Time”, Britney’s debut single, in October 1998 designed a turning position in her profession. In January 1999, the single occupied the best spot of the Billboard Scorching a hundred and topped it for two weeks. The single also produced waves in the United Kingdom when it debuted in the UK Singles Chart at quantity one. Aside from the good results that the single gained, Spears’ debut album with the same title raked money and popularity for her soon after obtaining offered a lot more than 25 million copies. She effectively nailed Feminine Artist of the Yr along with three other Billboard New music Awards.

Britney Spears continued to generate good and negative criticisms when she posed for Rolling Stone magazine and when she vowed to “stay a virgin until finally marriage.” Her then-connection with yet another pop artist, Justin Timberlake didn’t escape the public’s scrutiny soon after this kind of declaration.

In May 2000, Spears released her second album Oops!… I Did It Yet again which sold more than ten million copies in the United States alone and earned her yet another two Billboard Audio Awards. In 2001, Britney, Spears’ third album was launched. The mark of an grownup Britney Spears was evident.

Correct adequate, currently being an adult is quite difficult. Her partnership with Timberlake ended in 2002. She starred in a movie Crossroads that earned her the title Worst Actress for Razzie Awards. Her marriage with Jason Allen Alexander in 2004 only lasted 55 hours. She practiced Kabbalah. Britney married Kevin Federline in 2005 and obtained divorced in July 2007. She received into yet another romantic relationship in December 2007 with a paparazzi named Adnan Ghalib. The pop star has a 3-yr restraining purchase towards Ghalib granted in March this yr. Now, Britney Spears is with her agent Jason Trawick. With 6 studio albums, 6 concert tours, thirteen Tv and movie appearances, two children and a handful of failed relationships the Disney Channel star turned complete performer nevertheless has a extended way to go to redeem herself from all the controversies that she has gotten herself into.

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Britney Spears Tickets

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Report by Macie Brown

A singer by profession and other than that she is a dancer, a song writer, a pianist, an author and a director. A multi talented lady, who is till date eyed on in the entertainment industry at huge, Britney Spears is a name not not known to individuals who are portion of the new music planet and who love to hear melodious music. It is not just her singing alone that is witnessed in her songs, but she also has an artwork of providing a excellent presentation when performing live in front of 1000’s of audiences. She normally requires the stage by storm and tends to make her the only and the best most explanation for people to see stay audio performances.

The American born named Britney Jean Spears made her quite 1st look on nationwide television as a twelve 12 months old contestant in a star search program. Then gradually she was fortunate adequate to be selected for the Television series The New Mickey Mouse Club. At the age of 8 she refused to function in this method and was showed the way to a expert doing arts college for three a long time and then made a comeback to the very same and was well appreciated by the viewers as a fresh face. So on and so forth she started off with carrying out small Tv demonstrates. Then onwards she began tilting towards music. She grew to become a member of a pop musical group and later on on acquired the option to indication her 1st contract with a well acknowledged recording business which was responsible for releasing her debut album in the finish of the 12 months of 1999. And with her sheer tough operate, she became a fantastic achievement, which produced her a pop icon for the revival of teen pop audio. Spears is ranked as the eighth finest marketing female artist in the U.S with getting 30 plus albums to her credit also having a document of becoming the worlds finest marketing songs artist who has made heritage by selling information marking over 80 million world wide.

Britney Spears was born to a mediocre household. She has two siblings, but Britney has often been the sharpest of them all. As a kid she had always been active in sports and gymnastics and utilised to participate in state degree competitions. Her vocals were perfected although singing in a church choir. Luck stayed with her and she acquired a possibility to enter the carrying out arts school which more assisted her in entering the earth of amusement and songs earth. As for her personal life, Spears went through a whole lot of mental strain after she obtained divorced. Her marriage lasted for two a long time resulting in an ongoing custody battle more than their two kids. Spears’s private lifestyle started to achieve significant media focus after her marriage which is why she went by way of a lot of tussle among her specialist and her personalized lifestyle.

Right after heading through a undesirable patch in daily life with the custody of her kids and upsetting behavior that shattered her mentally and physically, she had to be taken to rehabilitation centre for recovery. This was a explanation of her getting absent from entertainment scene. She had been hibernating for a whilst, but has now returned to the skilled earth with the identical enthusiasm sensation.

Even though she has to struggle difficult as soon as once more to gain the respect and really like that she deserved. The extremely truth nonetheless stays that she was and she will usually be a pop icon diva of the music planet. And this is one particular robust truth that she does not have to battle the media to prove it. Whether or not doing work with a crew or initiating the operate single handedly, with the interest in the work and with an huge amount of power and not becoming afraid to surpass the risky hurdles along the route, well that is where 1 goes easily towards profitable and a material living. Lengthy dwell the queen of pop music,Britney Spears.For More Details on Britney Spears Tickets Visit:

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