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Rolling Stone, best song of 00’s: #44 Britney Spear’s “Toxic” totes agree ^^

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Rolling Stone, finest song of 00&aposs: #44 Britney Spear&aposs &quotToxic&quot totes agree ^^ – by theinnocentlam (Michelle L.)

Britney Spears Vs. The Paparazzi: Best Music-Video Moments: Brit’s ‘I Wanna Go’ video is hardly the first ti…

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Britney Spears Vs. The Paparazzi: Very best New music-Video Moments: Brit&aposs &aposI Wanna Go&apos video clip is hardly the 1st ti… – by iblogtweets (iBLOGtweets™)

Disney Grad Nite

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Post by Nathan Webster

Disney Grad Nite is possibly the when in a life time opportunity for higher school grads. For students who avail it is a golden memory that they really like to notify their children about. It was introduced in’61 by Walt Disney and has been taking place in Disneyland considering that then. Disney Grad Nite normally takes location in April, Could or June.

It is an all evening get together in which the graduating class of higher-college seniors get part in. It involves stay performances by several artists and Disney opens numerous adventurous rides for the students to take pleasure in on. Traditionally, it requires spot in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom but this year it was shifted to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is going to go back again to its standard area up coming 12 months.

The nite comes with several surprises for substantial college grads and 1 ought to consider total advantage of this nite. But when I say complete benefit, I indicate the allowed strengths and not the undue benefit of the nite that Disney is giving as a gift to you. A good deal of pupils check out to carry in medication, drinks or even weapons to the get together but it is strictly prohibited by Disney.

Disney has taken some strict steps for discouraging this sort of actions. Because of to some unlucky deaths and other accidents like passing out of pupils, the Disney has closed some places like the Tom Sawyer’s Island and Fantastic Moments with Mr. Lincoln. In the commences all rides and attraction ended up open but now Disney very carefully chooses which ones to enable and which ones to close.

There is also a gown code linked with this night and only semi-casual have on is authorized. Torn or distorted jeans are also strictly prohibited. At a single time, it employed to be really significantly formal but now it just has to be thoroughly clean and need to casual. Pupils who do not comply with the dress code have also been turned back from the entrance.

The nite commences at nine:00 p. M. From Major Street and moves on to the dance floors. Disney also demonstrates breathtaking fireworks and they are extremely significantly anticipated among the college students. Not to point out as it is an all-nite social gathering students can take pleasure in several Disney’s rides and watch functions and exhibits. The entire of Disney Planet is embellished with lights and stalls with sponsorship are also set.

Live performances by effectively-recognized and most well-liked artists are often there, each yr. Well-liked artists like Britney Spears, Easy Strategy, The Fray, The Previous Goodnight, Lesley Roy, Ne-Yo, Omarion, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Fall Out Boy etc. Have manufactured appearances on these nites and have been drooled more than by the grads.

Disney Grad Nite is the greatest time of the yr for substantial schools graduating class and it commences at nine:00 and lasts all night till 6:00 a. M. It ought to be used advantage of but do not blow your probabilities away by violating the principles set down by Disney.

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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

BRITNEY SPEARS ~ I WANNA GO : – by Diva_Demon (Diva Demon)

Against All Odds

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Report by Brenda Wilson

Very last Sunday the X-Aspect introduced us with not only Cheryl Cole and Whitney Houston executing their brand new singles, but also a flawless, ‘note perfect’ functionality from contestant Joe McElderry and of course twins John and Edward in red leather singing a Britney Spears classic.

So, its no shock that over 50% of everybody in Britain watching Television was tuned in.

It can be also no shock that 2009 has been the most common 12 months nevertheless for folks betting on-line for their favourites to win the X-Factor, this 12 months has observed a large boost in the quantity of people betting on the internet on websites these as Bet365 and Paddy Electrical power for who they feel will win The X-Aspect. With common viewing figures of thirteen million, more than the weekend, several viewers are significantly backing their favourites with ‘hard cash’.

The top on the internet bookmakers have managed to stir up some controversy continuously changing their minds about who genuinely has the X-Element. As the final twelve contestants battle it out for the £1million recording offer, who truly is the favorite to acquire X- Issue 2009?

Rumours are circulating that judge Simon Cowell, would like a male contestant to acquire this yr and follow in the footsteps of earlier winners Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, but is this swaying the bets?

Currently, 27 year previous Danyl Johnson, mentored by Simon Cowell and 18 yr previous Joe McElderry mentored by Cheryl Cole are the two favourites to win according to major on the web bookmakers. Essex lady, Stacey Solomon, eighteen yr old Lucie Jones, Olly Murs and Afro Archer (Jamie) are battling it out for the third most probably to win with odds of close to eight/one. After becoming in the bottom two for the previous handful of weeks it arrives as no shock that 17 year previous Rachael Adedeji is falling powering with odds of 33/one. Unsurprisingly, double act, twins John and Edward Grimes, mentored by Louie Walsh are at the bottom of the pile with odds of fifty/one right after Simon created apparent that there is no location for them on the present.

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5 Best Selling Catholic Cross Pendants

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Article by Randy Mark

Wearing cross pendants have been almost customary for Catholics all over the world, irrespective of their geographical location.

Cross is a symbol that is widely recognized by people, irrespective of their own religious belief. Moreover, most of the big names in the pop world, whether it was George Michael, Madonna or Britney Spears, they all have worn cross for their stage performances and music album. This has further contributed to the popularity of this religious jewelry.

Due to its wide spread popularity, there are several designs available in Catholic cross pendants. Let us have a look at the 5 best selling Catholic cross pendants:

*14k Gold Italian Style White Gold Cross Pendant

The beauty of this pendant is its curvy cross pattern. The pendant has superior shine, which makes it perfect for all occasions. This pendant speaks volume of the personality of the wearer. It can match with your evening gown and even with your sports outfit.

Make this pendant look all the more beautiful by wearing it with a white gold chain in Italian style. Buy a thicker chain if you are bulkier. For people with a slender built, a chain in thinner density will look good.

*14k Gold Black PVC Cross Pendant

This pendant is a combination of black and gold, which is striking. This pendant can pass as a fashion accessory as it will match perfectly for all occasions. This pendant is also available in a variation, instead of gold fittings; this is available in silver fittings.

To make this pendant look perfectly well on you, buy a chain either in yellow gold in Italian design, or in white gold. If you are buying the pendant in silver, then you can select a silver chain to go with the pendant.

*Sterling Silver Multi- Color Murano Cross Pendant

There has been a growing trend of jewelry made in Venetian glass. This pendant has beautiful combination of multi colored cross, embedded in silver setting. Thus, when you are wearing this cross, it will also become your style statement.

Along with this pendant, you can also buy matching earrings and ring either in square shape or in oval shape, to complete the set.

*14k Gold Latin Cross Pendant

For many, cross is a symbol of Almighty, and they do not want to experiment with it and are happy, keeping it in the traditional style. This 14k gold is a live example of beauty in simplicity.

Wear it with a flat gold chain or a thin gold chain.

*14k Gold Shinny Large Cross Pendant

This cross pendant is a classic example how a simple pendant can be made elegant. The pendant has a superior luster that will last forever. These are available in three sizes, large, small and medium.
Team it up with gold figaro chain for best effects or wear it with an Italian box chain.

These were some of the best selling Catholic cross pendants. Wear a stylish cross pendant, or wear it a simple one, these pendants will bring you closer to thee.

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Ed Hardy T-Shirts: Body Art For Clothes

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Report by William Gold

Don Ed Hardy is an American tattoo artist who began studying underneath Sailor Jerry Collins. In 1973 Collins brought Hardy along with him to Japan exactly where he studied under the fantastic, classical tattoo artist, Horihide. While he focuses on an American style of tattoo perform he is recognized for incorporating Japanese aesthetics and techniques into his operate. His wonderful accomplishment in the tattoo world ultimately led Christian Audigier to begin Ed Hardy T-Shirts.

Audigier a French designer and entrepreneur was captivated by this man’s works and met with him to go over a feasible enterprise venture. In 2004, Hardy agreed to grant Audigier license to use his functions and Ed Hardy T-Shirts was born. This garments line was fundamentally an overnight achievement, specifically with celebrities. Ed Hardy Tee Shirts are well-liked throughout the celeb board from Madonna to Snoop Dogg and Britney Spears to Sylvester Stallone.

Why have Ed Hardy T-Shirts become so well-liked amongst the abundant and famous? There are two rapid causes that arrive to head. 1st of all, the concept of clothing styles all coming from tattoos are in and of by itself, a excellent thought. This is taking unique artwork and inserting it on wonderful, fashionable clothes. It is also fun for individuals uninterested or frightened of tattoos to have a piece of the culture without having compromising their bodies. The 2nd reason is that Audigier networks as hard as anyone in the market. He goes out of his way to give his garments to celebrities and have them have on it. By carrying out so he is producing a marketing campaign while investing small to no funds. Just think of all the candid celeb photographs used by the paparazzi and how frequently an Ed Hardy T-Shirt can slip into the blend. As a result, the approaches of Audigier make perfect perception.

The complete thought, from the shirts on their own, to the marketing is all very special and who doesn’t want special clothing? The styles are created by “The god father of the modern tattoo” so that ought to be sufficient to keep individuals fascinated. But when that is coupled with trend staple Audigier, who’s other lines include Von Dutch and Diesel, the magnitude of this clothing line commences to reveal alone.

Whilst each and every man or woman might differ on why he or she likes this garments you can bet that all of these items will keep this young and currently established company producing exhilarating garments for a long time to come.

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Pairing Lady Cowboy Boots with Style

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Post by Mithran

What is so great about lady cowboy boots, a single might request. An insight into the history of cowboy boots would bring us to the 18th century when the Red Indians and Mexicans were employed to deal with cattle in California. Cowboys wore boots for comfort and ease and ease whilst managing these tough animals. This is also why lady cowboy boots of these days concentrate on these two key elements ‘ convenience and ease ‘ to guarantee that a female is in a position to get the greatest out of this pair of footwear. Today, cowboy boots are no extended constrained to cattle ranches. They are brought to the runway and the streets in which females proudly strut their stuff spotting these sneakers. This type was brought to higher heights when televisions commenced showing films of the Wild West. You would almost certainly consider of Texans and riding horses when you consider of cowboy boots.

When picking a good pair of cowboy boots, you really should always select a neutral colour that could fit any outfit. A good option would be either grey or brown leather boots, as they in shape into any coloration scheme that you may have picked for the day. Leather is a excellent material to select for cowboy boots because it is ready to resist warmth as nicely as its capacity to weather conditions out the worst of conditions. Grey or brown leather boots ‘ specifically brown leather boots ‘ are also classics that will in no way go out of style. This fashion has been spotted on celebrities like Britney Spears and the amount of celebrities witnessed spotting this appear is continuously growing, probably because of to the grungy seem the leather cowboy boots give.

For individuals who are into daring colors, phase out in style with ‘ guess what ‘ vivid pink cowboy boots! Pink has often been known as a feminine color. Men and women use pink to differentiate a male kid from a feminine child the girl often obtained the pink blankets, addresses, and stationeries. The very same could be mentioned about outfits ladies are frequently noticed spotting pink dresses although boys put on blue. Thus, pink is constantly a classic coloration for the girls, and there is often a component of a woman that continues to be a ‘girly girl’. Pink cowboy boots show just this. Wear them with neutral coloured clothing, and interest will certainly be provided to your ft.

1 fantastic search to be paired with these footwear is surely vests. Popularized by the late King Charles II of England, this fashion has definitely advanced into a high road trend favored by young teenagers and older girls alike. Leather vests are, of training course, the clear choice simply because leather fits into the grunge look 1 might be aiming for when putting on cowboy boots. There are a lot of types of leather vests available, and of different lengths and colour. For women opting for a younger appear, decide on a shorter vest, and for females opting for a classier look, a longer vest is constantly very best. As with the boots, neutral colors are the greatest match for garments, so nearly anything in black or brown is excellent, but be bold adequate to experiment with other hues as they provide assortment to your every day design.

It is risk-free to say that each female would like to very own a pair of cowboy boots, and each lady wishes to personal a pair of skinny jeans, which tends to make for excellent mix simply because it is merely best. Skinny jeans are popular among celebrities and versions because it gives them a lean silhouette and girls may look thinner and taller. Skinny jeans can also be easily tucked into boots compared to flare leg jeans. Be mindful, nevertheless, as not everyone can suit into the skinny jeans. Unfortunately, a skinny jean, befitting its name, fits greater on thinner girls. If you are brave with making an attempt on new variations, nonetheless, go forward and get yourself a pair of skinnies nowadays.

People of you who want to have on jeans with your pair of cowboy boots but are afraid of throwing on your skinnies can usually opt for the bootcut jeans. Bootcut jeans originated from bell bottoms popular in the 70’s when paired with platform shoes. These jeans have come a prolonged way from then to becoming a staple in each woman’s wardrobe. Not only does it give you an immediate increase to your peak, it also is cozy and does not give you that unpleasant ‘tug’ on your calves. Attempt these jeans with your cowboy boots for an instantaneous chic look that could bring you from day to evening.

Lady cowboy boots might harm the 1st handful of periods you put on them, but do not let this deter you from finding one particular because the quicker you use them in, the a lot more comfort and ease it will offer you for years and many years to come. So get a pair nowadays and with excellent fitting, satisfaction is definitely assured!

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United Kingdom – The Royal Land

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Post by Ryan Fyfe

United Kingdom is generally recognized as United kingdom or Great Britain. It is a sovereign state and it is found off the northwestern coast of continental Europe. It comprises of four countries England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. London is the funds of Uk. Uk is surrounded by the Irish Sea, North Sea, the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. Northern Ireland is its only location which has a land border. The United kingdom is thought to be to be among the produced countries of the planet, having the sixth biggest economic climate. It is known to be the world’s very first industrialized country. It has witnessed two world wars which led to decline of its empire and broken its economic system to a wonderful extent.

The United Kingdom is a big country which contains the island of Wonderful Britain, some component of the island of Ireland and some other tiny islands. It is separated from France by the English Channel and it lies between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

The United Kingdom witnesses a temperate local weather with abundant and perennial rainfall. The temperature fluctuates with altering seasons, the approximate minimum temperature becoming ten degrees and the highest temperature being 35 degrees. It witnesses snowfall in winter and early spring.

Scores and scores of men and women pay a visit to the United Kingdom each 12 months. It has a flourishing tourism industry. There are a quantity of spots to see in the United Kingdom. Some of the ought to go to spots in Uk are mentioned in detail below.

A single the most recognizable and popular landmarks of London is the Tower Bridge. It is also one particular of the most well-known bridges in the globe and is popularly identified as the London Bridge. It was developed in 1894, above the Thames River and just next to the Tower of London. The bridge rises and comes down for the passage of big vessels.

One more main tourist attraction of the United Kingdom is the Huge Ben. It is referred to as the clock tower alone. It is the 3rd tallest free standing clock tower in the entire world and is the greatest four faced chiming clock. It is close to 150 decades previous.

The British Museum is one more common attraction. It homes the functions of man from pre-historic periods to present day instances. The collections exhibited in the museum are collected from distinct parts of the planet. The most popular objects to see are the Rosetta Stone, the Portland Vase and the sculptures from the Parthenon.

Madame Tussauds is 1 of the most well-known and most visited museums in London. It is a globe famous museum. It homes wax statues of the most well-known men and women of the entire world. It consists of the statues of Shakespeare, the Queen herself, Britney Spears, the famous footballer Rooney, and many others. fundamentally all the renowned and most influential men and women of the globe.

The very best places to remain in the United Kingdom are The Berkeley, Covent Garden Hotel, The Sanderson, The Soho Hotel and The Stafford Hotel.

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Top Perfume Brands

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Report by low kingdom

Top rated Fragrance Brands

Leading Perfume Brands.
The Adult males and Women behind the great names in fragrance and vogue.

Armani. Italian Fashion Property founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975. Perfumes: Acqua di Gio.Sensi.She.Prive.Mania.Armani Code.Idole D’Armani.

Balmain. French Fashion Residence founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945. Perfumes: Vent Fort.Jolie Madame.Ivoire.Eau

Bvlgari. Italian luxury products manufacturer and eminent fragrance maker founded by Sotirios Bulgari in 1884. Perfumes: Bulgari Pour Femme.Rose Essentielle.Aqua Pour Homme.Omnia.

Burberry. London based trend and luxurious add-ons Company founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Perfumes: Brit.Burberry New London.Weekend.Tender Touch.Touch.Burberry Authentic. Brit Red.

Cacharel. French Style and Add-ons Business founded by Jean Bousquet in 1962. Perfumes:Anais Anais.LouLou.Eden.Amor Amor.Promesse.

Calvin Klein. American Vogue Property founde in 1968 by Calvin Klein. Perfumes: Obsession.Eternity.CK 1.Real truth.Euphoria.Eternity Second.

Carolina Herrera. New York centered Style Company founded by Vezzuelan Designer Carolina Herrara. Perfumes: 212.Chic.Carolina.

Caron. French Fragrance Business founded in 1904 by Earnest Daltroff. Perfumes: Tabac Blond.Pour Un Homme.Infini.Parfum Sacre.Yatagan.

Cartier. French Jeweller and Watchmaker founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier.Perfumes: Must De Cartier.Declaration.Delices De Cartier.Le Baiser du Dragon.Pasha.

Chanel. French Style Home founde in 1910 by Designer Coco Chanel.Perfumes: Chanel No.5. no.19. Chance.Coco.Allure.Platinum Egoiste.

Christian Dior. French Vogue Property founded in 1946 by Designer Christian Dior. Perfumes: Miss Dior.Eau Sauvage.Poison.Dolce Vita.Fahrenheit.Miss Dior Cherie.

Chloe. French Trend Home founded in 1956. Perfumes: Chloe.Narcisse.

Clarins. French Cosmetics Company founded by Jacques Courtin-Clarins in 1954.Controls brands which includes Azzaro.Thierry Mugler.Stella Cadente. Perfumes: Par Amour.Eau Dynamisante.

Comme de Garcons. Trend House founded by Japanese Designer Rei Kawakubo. Perfumes: Comme des Garcons two.

Coty. French Cosmetics and Fragrance Organization founded by Francois Coty. Perfumes:Chypre.Exclamation.Aspen.

Courreges. French Fashion House founded in 1961 by Designer Andre Courreges. Perfumes: Eau De Courreges.Empreinte.

Davidoff. Swiss brand name of High end items notably cigars and latterly fragrances.Founded by Zino Davidoff in 1906.Perfumes: Echo.Awesome H2o.Silver Shadow.Sport.

Dunhill. British Luxurious Goods Business founded by Alfred Dunhill. Perfumes: Need.Clean.Pure.

Elizabeth Arden. US-based mostly Fragrance and Cosmetics Business founded by Canadian-born Elizabeth Arden.Brand names consist of Britney Spears Fragrances.Curious.Fantasy.and Elizabeth Taylor Fragrances.White Diamonds.Enthusiasm.Blue Grass. 5th Avenue.Splendour.

Estee Lauder. American Fragrance and Cosmetics Firm founded by Joseph and Estee Lauder.Makes consist of Aramis and Tommy Hilfiger. Perfumes: Gorgeous.Pleasures.Youth Dew.Estee.Realizing.Youth Dew Amber Nude.

Fendi. Italian Trend Business founded in 1918. Perfumes: Celebration.Lifestyle Essence.Fendi.

Floris. London Fragrance Business founded in 1730 by Minorcan-born Juan Famenias Floris. Perfumes: Floral fragrances in Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette.

Givenchy. French Style Home founded in 1952 by Designer Hubert de Givenchy.Perfumes: Monsieur.Insense.Organza.Xeryus.Ysatis.My Couture.Hot Couture.Ange ou Demon.Amarige.Amarige Mariage.Definitely Irresistable.Absolutely Irresistable Sensual.

Gucci. Italian Style House founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. Perfumes: Envy.Envy Me two.Gucci Rush.Summertime.Gucci by Gucci.Flora.

Guerlain. French Fragrance Home founded in 1828 by Pierre-Francois Guerlain. Perfumes: Jicky.L’Heure Bleue.Mitsouko.Shalimar.Chamade.Samsara.

Hugo Boss. German Fashion Property founded in 1923 by Hugo Boss. Perfumes: Deep Red.Hugo.Energise.Femme.Soul.Pure Purple.Hugo XX.Hugo XY.

Issey Miyake. Japanese Trend Residence founded in 1970 by Designer Issey Miyake. Perfumes:L’eau d’Issey.L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme.

Jean Patou. French Trend Residence founded in 1919 by Jean Patou. Perfumes: one thousand.Sublime.Enjoy.Sira des Indes.

Jean-Paul Gaultier. French brand name produced by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Perfumes:Classique.Le Male.Fragile.Gaultier two.

Joop. German Clothing and Cosmetics Company founded by Wolfgang Joop. Perfumes: Joop.Leap.

Lacoste. Frnch Sportswear,Clothing and Equipment Business founded in 1933 by the Tennis Champion Rene Lacoste who was nicknamed the “The Alligator?Crocodile” consequently the brand. Perfumes Lacoste Pour Femme.Style in Play. Inspiration.Touch of Sun.Touch of Pink.

Lancome. French Perfume and Cosmetics Company fonded in 1935 and named after a Chateau. Perfumes Magie Noir.Tresor.Miracle.Poeme.Miracle Forever.

Lanvin. French Style Residence founded by Designer Jeanne Lanvin in 1924. Perfumes Arpege.Oxygene.Rumeur.

Nina Ricci. French Perfume Organization founded in 1932 by Italian-born Maria ‘Nina’Ricci. Perfumes L’Air Du Temps.Pemier Jour.Adore In Paris.Nina.

Paco Rabanne. French Trend Property founded in 1966 by Spanish-born Designer Paco Rabanne. Perfumes Paco Rabanne Pour Elle.Paco Rabanne Pour Homme.XS.Ultraviolet.

Paloma Picasso.A US primarily based Night Wear,Jewellery and Perfume Business founded by Paloma Picasso daughter of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. Perfumes Paloma Picasso.Tentations.Minotaure.

Penhaligon’s. A British Perfume Business specialising in merchandise based mostly on classic floral scents.Founded by William Henry Penhaligon in the 1860s. PerfumesHammam Bouquet.Blenheim Bouquet.English Fern.Lily of the Valley.Bluebell.

Pierre Cardin. French Vogue House founded in 1950 by Pierre Cardin. PerfumesPierre Cardin.Choc de Cardin.Enigma.centaure.

Ralph Lauren. American Trend Company released in 1967 as Polo Ralph Lauren by Designer Ralph Lauren. PerfumesPolo.Safari.Glamourous.Blue.Ralph Rocks.Ralph.

Revlon. American Cosmetics Organization founded in 1932 by Charles Revson and Charles Lachman. Perfumes Charlie.Charlie Blue.Ciara.

Rochas. French Vogue House founded in 1925 by Designer Marcel Rochas. Perfumes Femme.Madame Rochas.Alchimie.Absolu.Byzance.

Ted Baker. British Garments Company founded in 1988 by Ray Lelvin. Perfumes M.W.Endurance.

Thierry Mugler. French Vogue Residence founded in 1974 by Designer Thierry Mugler. Perfumes Angel.A’Men.Angel Guys.Alien.

Tommy Hilfiger. American Style Property founded in 1984 by Thomas Hilfiger. PerfumesTommy.Tommy Woman.Accurate Star with (Beyonce Knowles)

Trussardi. Italian Fashion Property of Designer Nicola Trussardi when in 1970 took through the family members glove company which was founded in 1910. Perfumes Trussardi Jeans.Python.

Ungaro. French Vogue Property founded in 1965 by Emanuel Ungaro born of Italian mother and father. Perfumes Diva.Sensa.Emanuel Ungaro for Guys.Desnuda.Apparition.

Van Cleef &amp Arpels. French Jewellery Firm founded in 1896 by Alfred Van Cleef and Salomon Arpels. Perfumes Van Cleef.Skip Arpels.First.Zanzibar.First Really like.

Versace. Italian Fashion Home founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. Perfumes Gianni Versace.Jeans Couture.Vs ..

Value. French Trend Property founded as the House of Really worth in 1858 by British-born Charles frederick Value,recognized as the ‘father of haute -couture’. Perfumes Je Reviens.

Yves Saint-Laurent. French Fashion House founded in 1962 by Designer Yves Saint-Laurent. PerfumesOpium.Rive-Gauche.Kouros.YSL Pour Homme.Youthful Attractive Wonderful.

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