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Britney’s ‘X-Factor’

Monday, July 30th, 2012

The ‘X Factor’ show may have been nice career move for Britney Spears, but it seems that her love life is not going good. It has been reported that there is a rift between Jason Trawick, her fiancé and her.

Sources told that the thirty year old singer and Trawick are experiencing some difficulties in their relationship because of the work pressure of her judging gig. Their relationship is shaking since she joined filming the X factor show. They are arguing about everything. Trawick became Britney’s co-conservator in 2012’s April and now he does not like the fact that he has gone from a top Hollywood agent to a full-time babysitter.

When he joined William Morris Endeavor in 2011, he thought that he would manage Britney’s career, but unfortunately that did not happen. Now he feels like a househusband. This is not what he came to so here.

The onset antics of Britney have become a huge issue and it has turned into Trawick’s responsibility to deal with these problems. Her behavior in the show is causing a major problem on the show and that is creating rifts between them as Spears does not like when someone told her what to do or scold. Both of them are unhappy about this issue as they are mixing pleasure and business. Both of them are thinking to get over the next few months as soon as possible and then they will decide on their future.

Britney Spears The Price of Fame Part. 3

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

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