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Britney Spears may star on sitcoms

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

There are reports that Britney would not be back for the next season of the X Factor, but that speculation could be premature. It actually appears that the producer of the show actually wants Britney back as the producers think that she could be used as a rating tool even though she has failed to boost up the X Factor’s ratings.

According to reports, Kevin Reilly, the Fox president told during a conference that people remain fascinated with Britney Spears and they always will be. She is just an interesting figure who has lived a unique life, and he thinks that she brought some of that. Maybe some people were waiting for more drastic displays of some nature that never came.

Sources say that Spears is looking for sitcoms to show her talents in all things. Britney, who was a part of the X Factor, is said to be looking for a big role in spite of Fox’s wishes.

Britney’s dad Jamie told that her daughter’s manager Larry Rudolph is going through all the scripts that the singer might accept. He even feels that Spears would look great in sitcoms. There is always a possibility that Spears might her very own TV sitcom, but that could be more of a long shot.

An insider added that this is possibility as she has made up her mind that she would not come back to the X Fctor.

Adele – Rolling In The Deep – DRUM COVER – Adventure Drums

Friday, January 11th, 2013

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