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Britney Spears loves sex

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Britney Spears, the US pop diva, has recently stated that she prefers getting jiggy between the bedsheets with David Lucado, her boyfriend. But, at times, she feels that she is too old to get physical.

Recently, in her I Am Britney Jean documentary, she told that she loves sex. Sex is great. But she feels a bit different about it as she is older now. At times, she feels like she is in her 20s, but sometimes she feels like she is in her 50s.
In the mean time, the singer also admitted that she was very keen to add to her family. Britney is expecting her next child. She stated that she would really like to have another baby girl. It would be like a mini Britney. It would be crazy. She added that she would not feel alone on the planet any more. She would feel that she has someone with her.

Britney Spears begins her Las Vegas residency on Friday and more than that she is all ready for it. Piece of Me would be seen by the star’s family members and friends before the public. Britney was looking to ensure each segment of the performance was complete and get comfy before all the critics and fans come at the Planet Hollywood.

Recently, Britney tweeted: “I’ve got chills. Last dress rehearsal for friends and family before opening night tmw,” She also uploaded a snap her herself on the stage before the first day.