Hannah Montana 2010 – Justin Gaston, Chris Hansen and The Inevitable Trainwreck

Write-up by Brandon H Johnston

It’s previous news but, who are we kidding – Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston are still mistaken in so a lot of methods. They just are not the excellent couple that each one makes them out to be. Just yet another celeb few that seems cute, but will finish in disaster.

1st, what the heck is a 20 12 months previous underwear design performing with a 16 yr previous? Are not there plenty of 18 yr olds and above all who’d want to get with a guy who parades about in his knickers? Pedobear called…he desires his gig back again.

2nd, of all the jail bait you can set your sights on, why do it with this kind of an irritating Disney star as Miley Cyrus? I’m sorry, I don’t care how numerous teenage idiots say she’s sizzling – you are 20, you need to know much better. If that Oliver man on Hannah Montana grew to become a woman, he’d be cuter than her.

Third, do you know the two of them got launched by no other than Billy Ray himself? When I very first heard about that, I actually assumed it was a Chris Hansen-kind offer. You know, like they are setting Justin up for an entrapment of kinds. Apparently, however, it just isn’t.

You do know who runs property for the win in all this, though, correct? Justin, of training course, who’s now turned himself from Nashville Star obscurity into a household identify, most probably raising his expertise payment tenfold.

Here’s my 2010 prediction: Here is how it can be all heading to go down. Very first, Miley Cyrus is heading to dump Justin ahead of the year is about. Pandering to typical perception, the unsightly hick will then pretend like she recognized how wrong the age variation was and that she’ll in no way make that error again. Of training course, we all know this lady is prime for a Britney Spears-stage train wreck someday quickly and we sit viewing in baited breath.

So much drama in the celeb enjoyment planet. It appears like just yesterday Vanessa Williams was hoping to win Skip America, and now she is one of the leading stars on Desperate Housewives.

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