Britney Spears dating a simple guy

It appears that Britney Spears is not one of those independent and single ladies that Destiny’s Child once sang about. Recently, the US pop singer split from his former manager and also her lover Jason Rrawick after dating for 3 months, but now it seems that she has already found a new man in her life.

Last week, on the eve of Valentines Day, the former x Factor judge went on a dinner date with a guy named David. It was reported they came to know each other through a mutual friend. A leading celeb gossip website told that twenty seven year old David is actually from Atlanta, but now he works at a law firm in California. He is really good and down to earth man.

the report on the website also stated that He is a kind of Jack of all trades and he is not a wealthy guy at all. On the eve of the Valentines day, the pair enjoyed a day at golf course at Sherwood Country Club.

Britney is already married two times. First she tied the knot with her childhood buddy named Jason Allen Alexander in Las Vegas’ The Little White Wedding Chapel. Later in 2004 she married dancer Kevin Federline. Spears and Kevin two kids.

Recently Britney split from her former manager Jason just thirteen months after they got engaged. That time, Britney told that she and Jason have decided to call off their engagement. She would always adore him and they would remain great friends.

Britney Spears may star on sitcoms

There are reports that Britney would not be back for the next season of the X Factor, but that speculation could be premature. It actually appears that the producer of the show actually wants Britney back as the producers think that she could be used as a rating tool even though she has failed to boost up the X Factor’s ratings.

According to reports, Kevin Reilly, the Fox president told during a conference that people remain fascinated with Britney Spears and they always will be. She is just an interesting figure who has lived a unique life, and he thinks that she brought some of that. Maybe some people were waiting for more drastic displays of some nature that never came.

Sources say that Spears is looking for sitcoms to show her talents in all things. Britney, who was a part of the X Factor, is said to be looking for a big role in spite of Fox’s wishes.

Britney’s dad Jamie told that her daughter’s manager Larry Rudolph is going through all the scripts that the singer might accept. He even feels that Spears would look great in sitcoms. There is always a possibility that Spears might her very own TV sitcom, but that could be more of a long shot.

An insider added that this is possibility as she has made up her mind that she would not come back to the X Fctor.

Britney Spears loses 2 of her acts in X Factor

It was really tough ‘Thanksgiving’ time for Britney Spears as two of her X Factor contestants were sent home. The Toxic singer was mentoring the 16 and the 12 year old hopefuls, but after their departure from the show, Britney now have just 2 acts in the final – 8.

It was a difficult night for thirteen year old Beatrice Miller who was in tears after she was forced to sing against CeCe Frey for her survival in the contest.

The voice of the young singer was cracked with emotion when she was singing Dido’s White Flag. She could not hold her tears after the judges expressed their decision. Simon Cowell stated that his vote went against her as the pressure was too much for her to handle. Simon told that he liked Beatrice at the beginning. He admitted that CeCe Frey had been in the bottom several times but it was not the right time for Beatrice.

Britney told Beatrice Miller that she is young and this is just the beginning for her; she has far to go. The she sung was hard and she is really a star in Britney’s eyes. After her elimination, Beatrice told that she love her sisters.

CeCe was singing for the second time for her survival on the show. Demi introduced her singer as ‘beautiful and gorgeous act who always puts her heart and soul into everything’. CeCe Frey sang Kelly Clarkson’s Because of You.

Britney Spears is a Superhero

Thirty year old pop star Britney Spears’ boys 7 year old Sean Preston and 6 year old Jayden James loves watching their mother on the X Factor US television show and more importantly they were convinced that their mother has some special powers when she takes the judges’ seat at the show.

While speaking to a leading magazine, Spears told that hey children attempts to figure out where she goes to shoot X Factor and they were like their mother going off to be a superhero.
The ‘Hold It Against Me’ singer is sharing the judges’ seats with L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell. She is quite well known for her bright colored body hugging dresses.

Spears admitted that her style icons are Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica. She thinks that the ex ‘American Idol’ judge Jennifer Lopez is a classic beauty and on the other hand the ‘Sex and the City’ actor Sarah Jessica Parker’s looks are funky, young and bright.

Recently, Spears has to endure a long list of allegations made by her former Sam Lutfi, who alleged that Britney was addicted to drugs. Sam Lutfi is suing Spears over the unpaid fifteen percent of her earnings for long 4 years. Lufti claimed that Spears verbally agreed to pay that amount. However, Britney’s lawyer told that legally Sam was never her manager and therefore, he has no ground for suing Britney.